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Friday’s Favourites

I hope your week has been a good one. Here is a quick update on our house. The front railing and steps have gone in. I am thrilled with how the ‘X’ detail looks. As you can see, on this side, the house sits high on the block so we will need to do a lot of planting in front of these baseboard plinths (which will be painted grey) to soften the facade.

House build update. Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

I have continued the ‘X’ detail on the garage door. I had always planned to paint the door white, but Mr Gallerie B thinks it’s a crime to paint the cedar panels. I have asked the painter to leave that job until last but I like my chances.

House build update. Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

We had a bit of luck too with the builders finding a horse shoe when they were digging the posts for the steps.  I am definitely hoping to polish/paint it and hang it somewhere in the house. (Our front door won’t be green either!)

New build update, Friday's Favourites Gallerie B

And this is the current state of affairs in our living room at mum and dad’s, not ideal! All of our lighting has been delivered and is waiting to be installed. This is only one corner of boxes, we have well and truly taken over the house.

House build update. Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

Looking at my Friday’s Favourites it is hard to imagine our finished home but we are getting close.

First off is this stylish yet practical laundry. Laundrys often get overlooked in the decorating department but this one has lots of features. Coloured joinery adds some interest along with penny round floor tiles and Carrara marble bench tops.

Coloured joinery and an abundance of storage in a laundry. Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

Bradshaw Designs

Although only small, this breakfast nook is the perfect space to start the day. The banquette seating and round table is always a great combination.

Perfect banquette seat and round dining table. Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

Kerrisdale Design

This beautiful kitchen belongs to Southern Highlands designer, Nicki of Cottonwood Interiors. The gold hardware and pendants add an elegant touch.

Classic kitchen with gold hardware and pendants. Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

Cottonwood Interiors

And finally a bit of built-in cabinetry inspo. This homework station features plenty of storage and open shelving for colourful displays.

Homework station. Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

Sita Montgomery

Have a lovely weekend.

Belinda XO

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