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Dining Chairs With A Difference

Lately I have had a few clients in the market for new dining chairs. One of the main concerns they all have is matching the timber stain of the chair to the table. A look I love that combats this issue is to introduce a colour in the dining chairs. More recently, I have noticed that classic styles of dining chairs are available in coloured options, not just a timber stain. When selecting what colour to go with, I suggest looking at what else is in the room. White can be the perfect complement to a dark dining table. In this dining space, the white timber chairs work well with the surrounding white joinery and timber work.

White timber dining chairs. Gallerie B blog.

Yunker Associates

These white chairs keep this dining space bright and airy in this space where a timber stain would create a heavier look.

White timber dining chairs, Gallerie B blog.

Kate Jackson

Black is always classic and looks great in a predominantly white room such as this one.

Black Windsor dining chairs. Gallerie B blog

Victoria Hagan via

Black Windsor dining chairs. Gallerie B blog.

Diane Bergeron

For those brave enough, make the dining chairs the feature. These pink chairs create a fun space but I’m not sure how Mr Gallerie B would go with this choice!

Pink timber dining chairs. Gallerie B blog

Ronald Di Mauro Architects

One of my favourite options is the faux bamboo of the Chippendale chairs. These are available in a wide range of colours.

White Chippendale dining chairs. Gallerie B blog

Verandah House

Grey Chippendale dining chairs. Gallerie B blog

Summer Thornton

Grey Chippendale dining chairs. Gallerie B blog

Betsy Burnham via

And of course there is always another of my favourites, the Bistro Chair. This option adds colour and texture too.

Bistro chairs, Gallerie B blog

Caitlin Wilson

And here are some options for Dining Chairs With A Difference.

Options for Dining Chairs with a Difference. Gallerie B blog


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